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La Bella Spa is offering an Inside-Out experience. You could visit us to take care of your outside beauty, and if you would like to expand and use our Life-Coaching services to boost your potential or gain clarity or make your life to the next level, our experienced Life-Coach will be happy to help you.

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Who is your Coach Patrick?

Patrick has been providing high impact training and coaching for organizations and individuals internationally in both the private and public sectors for the past 20 years.

His areas of expertise are management and leadership training, sales, business development, emotional intelligence, executive coaching / mentoring, relationship organizational team coaching, communication, stress management and PTSD resolution. He is a certified Emotional Intelligence Instructor and qualified CTI coach as well as an Organization and Relationship System Coach. He also certified in PTSD specialty.

Patrick’s previous experience as a career counsellor was in recruitment and in managing and evaluating personality assessment tests.

He is a world traveller and has lived in 8 countries on four continents. This international experience has given him an exceptional understanding of the dynamics of today’s changing global business environment and the role of an individual within extensive business dealings.

What can you expect from our Inside Care service?

You would​’t expect a world-class athlete to go for the gold without a coach. Clarity, focus, inspiration, momentum, perspective–that’s what a coach provides.

A coach is a person who listens to your needs, innermost dreams and desires and supports you in the realization of these!

An ethical coach challenges, encourages, applauds you and is there for you and will never judge you.

A good coach will empower you into who you want to become!

YOU are the one who does all the work and wins all the medals.

YOU are the one who flies!


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