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How to take care after gel manicure? 

  1.  No hot waterAvoid using hot water on your hands and nails; it can seep into your nail plates and cause the polish to lift and peel. Instead, rubber gloves recommended for tasks involving hot water.
  2. Be gentle: Avoid harsh or handy jobs that might harm or chip your nails, including simple tasks such as tearing open letters or parcels. In this case, use scissors instead.
  3. Recommendation apply cuticle oil every day: Cuticle oil can help your nails look salon-fresh for longer and will also keep the area moisturized.
Gel Manicure

Gel Manicure

Why Need Change Polish EVERY 2-3 weeks? 

After Manicure or Pedicure, in every situation, with time, our daily activities lead to a change of our nails face and colour polish, they may break away a very small gap, so humidity and water infiltration can find its way in the space under nails, so avoid any risk of infection and keep health, maintain or re-do the work every 3 weeks, very impost.